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Ushering & Protocol


Our purpose is to provide a friendly atmosphere of welcome so that our new guest (s) & members worship in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We are ordained to serve as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord united in one love, one body striving to do God's work, who is our Light and the Joy of our salvation. (Psalms 27:1).


We are also responsible for greeting and seating worshippers and helping to make them comfortable. We distribute offering envelopes and assist with offering and other things that are to be distributed to the congregation are done in a proper order.


We are led by the spirit of the Lord who is our guide and the one that orders our steps. We are always radiating the love of God to others as we smile even in unpleasant situations and also help to keep the church sanctuary clean. We are committed to extending a service of excellence to the body of Christ that will glorify God.


Our Weekly Activities:

Saturdays 12pm – Cleaning of Church

Sunday Before Service – Prayer Meeting

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