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Our purpose is to provide a welcoming environment of love, acceptance, comfort, support, care, and unity for visitors, members, guests, and friends in order to enhance their worship experience, encourage fellowship, and help build a community of believers. We are always happy to receive you in our midst. We welcome newcomers with warm hearts and strive to create an atmosphere conducive to service and worship to God through the following principles.

  • Welcome: To greet our visitors, guests, and members in a way to make them feel comfortable as they participate in our worship services and events.

  • Hospitality: To express warmth, generosity, and kindness to our visitors, guests, and members by creating and maintaining a hospitable environment that is open, friendly, and sociable.

  • Fellowship:  To create unity among believers through the sharing of mutual or common activities, experiences, goals, ideas, and feelings.

  • Discipline: To ensure that the church members, guests, and visitors are following the rules, regulations, protocols, and procedures of the hospitality ministry in order to avoid chaos, confusion, and disorder.

We have been saved to arise for the salvation of others. Are you a first-timer? We will like to know more about you and would love to follow up. 

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